Tropical Meltdown

Tropical Meltdown

The toughest burnout comp in North Queensland.

Each year some of the toughest burnout cars from across Australia come to compete at the Fastfit Batteries Tropical Meltdown in an effort to pocket the massive $10,000 first place and the highly sought after Burnout Masters Golden Ticket.


Tropical Meltdown has a massive cash prize pool up for grabs. This year we will be paying up to 10th place with prize money up for grabs as follows:

Tropical Meltdown will also be a qualifying event for the Liqui-Moly Summernats Burnout Masters (, with the winner collecting a golden ticket into the 2016 Burnout Masters. There will also be awards for the “Top 10″, ”Longest Travelled”, “Best Presented”, “Most Impressive” (perhaps not to the owner) “Meltdown Moment” and the “TIP IN KING”

Following the event, there will be an after party for entrants, spectators and volunteers. It will kick off at about 10pm, if not earlier.


The day will run as follows:

10am – Gates open

10am to 12pm – Practice/scrutineering

12pm to 4:30pm – Heats/finals for 4cyl, 6cyl, 8cyl and open class

5:30pm – Tropical Meltdown commences

Wildcard spots will also be available for competitors that have what it takes to step up from the day event to Tropical Meltdown.

Presentations for both comps will follow the completion of the Tropical Meltdown event.


Tropical Meltdown is based on one skid per entrant. Entrants may go as long as they wish without penalty, however, you will only be judged for 2 minutes. There will be no qualifying or heats, but if u wish to have a practice skid just roll on out to the start and the pad manager will fit you in. Tropical Meltdown entrants may enter the day competition, but this will, in no way, effect the results or judging for Tropical Meltdown.

Please note that your vehicle must stay on the pad during the skid and must DRIVE off under its own power to place in the TOP 5.


Burnouts are judged on five specific criteria as per below:

  • Instant smoke (10 points) is judged from the moment a burnout starts. Instant thick smoke is the key to getting points here.
  • Driver control (20 points) is judged on how well the driver can wheel the car. The driver needs to keep the vehicle inside the designated area without hitting any barriers or going off the pad. Static burnouts require little skill and will not attract points for driver control.
  • Tyre’s popped (total 10 points) 5 points per tyre.
  • Constant smoke (10 points) is judged from the moment the burnouts starts until it is either finished or your time runs out. The thicker the smoke the better.
  • Volume of smoke (10 points) is judged on the overall volume of smoke for the duration of the burnout.


  • All vehicles MUST be presentable to enter Tropical Meltdown. This does not mean vehicles need to be show cars, but they must have matching coloured panels and look reasonable (red doors on a white car with a blue bonnet is not acceptable).
  • You do not need a bonnet.
  • You do not need an exhaust, can run straight out of the pipes.
  • If you have a 4 door vehicle, you may take 3 passengers.
  • If you have a ute or a coupe, you may only take 1 passenger.
  • Each passenger must pay a one off insurance fee of $35 and must wear a seat belt, long pants, long sleeve shirts, closed in shoes and a helmet.
  • We encourage entrants to use new or near new tyres for their burnout. Popping tyres is most certainly not a bad thing, however, entrants that drive onto the pad with heavily worn tyres will be frowned upon.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.


All our events have RED flags and stop/go lights. The system is very simple:

  • Green - Clear to go
  • Red - There is something wrong with your vehicle but is not considered dangerous and you may continue if you wish
  • Flashing Red/Green - There is is a safety issue, stop immediately

Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details. Please also note that our terms and conditions apply for all events, including Tropical Meltdown.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Kevin Davis on 0417 504 341 or by email at